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        Date:2012-09-28 11:42

        The fourth pesticides and environment safety international academic conference, the Fifth Pan Pacific Pesticide Science Conference and the eighth chemical plant protection and global regulatory integration international seminar concluded in Beijing a few days ago, the reporter learns from the meeting, China submitted Naian herbicide side effects prevention technology by three will vote as international pesticide and environmental safety award.
        According to the introduction, use biology technology to realize the catalytic residue degradation of herbicide metabolism and the integration of the product, at present only Naian herbicide side effects prevention and control technology. This is the Chinese high technology with independent intellectual property rights of patent technology. The technique consists of Chinese farmer scientist Dang Yongfu, invention, and so created Naian herbicide safety additive.
        It is reported, this technology products and herbicide synchronization using, which does not affect the weeding effect, and can prevent the herbicide injury and side effects. Experiments show that, using the Naian weeding safety additive can be herbicide on crop inhibition period from 7 - 15 days reduced to 2 - 3 days, implementation crop safety change stubble, increase crop yield above 10%. On the occurrence of herbicide crop ( with the exception of paraquat, leaf crops except), timely application of Naian herbicide safety additive has good relief effect. But Naian weeding safety additive can be the herbicide residues in soil degradation of water or carbon dioxide and other nontoxic or low toxic small molecular substances, effectively solve the herbicide residues hazard to the environment.

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