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        Vegetable root knot nematode disease prevention and cure method-66402a澳门永利

        Date:2012-09-28 11:23

        In recent years protected vegetable cultivation area expanded rapidly, which makes the soil of the root knot nematode accumulation proliferation. Root knot nematode in addition to harm other alliaceous vegetables, vegetable can be harmful. The root knot nematode disease occurring conditions and Countermeasures to introduce as follows.
        Root knot nematode harm plants with lower, lateral roots and fibrous roots of the most vulnerable. The disease manifestations of malnutrition, short and thin, leaves chlorotic yellows, results in fewer and smaller, quality deterioration, serious when the plants gradually wilt disease. Ill strains out after rinse root, lateral roots and fibrous roots visible has many irregular clusters of tumor shape, split root node, under the microscope shows that many pear shaped female.
        Root knot nematode in 5 ~ 30 cm soil layers in the life, to the egg or 2 instar larvae with plant debris left in the soil to overwinter, through the diseased soil, seedling disease and irrigation water transmission. General can survive for 1 to 3 years, second years of spring under proper conditions, by buried in the host root within the fecundity of the female form larvae, after the 2 instar larvae from young roots of invasive, feeding growth within the organization, and to secrete indole acetic acid stimulates cell expansion to form a root node, and the root node to continue growing larvae in, mature, and the mating and oviposition.
        Root knot nematode life the most suitable temperature was 25~ 30 ℃, 40℃above or below 5 ℃little activity, 55℃ for 10 minutes. Soil moisture is an important breeding and its impact factors, humidity at 40%~ 70% on growth and reproduction of the fastest, the soil too dry or wet activity affected. The high and dry, loose structure, acidity at neutral sandy land suitable for root knot nematode activities, often break out. The humidity of soil, heavy clay, compaction of field, is not conducive to root knot nematode, incidence of light. The continuous cropping of longer, heavier pathogenesis.
        Prevention and control of root knot nematode disease, should take agricultural measures and chemical measures combining method. ( 1) the agricultural control. And Allium crop rotation for more than 3 years, conditional execute rice-wheat rotation. Found timely removal of residual root plants, cleaning, and bring out the outer buried or burned, disease hole lime disinfection treatment. ( 2) chemical control. One is the soil disinfection, per square meter for seedbed 1.8% abamectin EC 1 ml water on the soil surface spray, can reduce the incidence of colonization in seedbed stage; before 10% Mu furrow fenamiphos granules 1~ 1.5 kilograms. Two is the furrow irrigation root, the early onset of Abamectin and available chitin ( with ovicidal effect of root irrigation ), every 1.5 to 2 months of treatment time.

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