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        Agricultural enterprises of agricultural ecological footprint and ecological benefit evaluation research-402 ocm永利

        Date:2012-09-28 15:49

        With the development of agriculture, agriculture-related enterprises in agricultural production to provide technical and product, promote the development of agriculture at the same time, also on the sustainable development of agriculture in our country is influenced, such as the construction of the occupied land, waste in the process of producing, produced by the chemical fertilizer, pesticide application to soil, soil water, and the air and produce pollution, are restricting the sustainable development of agriculture.
        National sustainable development evaluation for agricultural enterprises, mainly through economic benefits, social benefits, ecological benefits three aspects to reflect. Economic benefits can be achieved by the gain of the enterprise effect, product price, cost, profit and social benefit can be achieved through to quantify, the increase production of the farmer, add close, enterprise training times, driving many farmer development index is calculated, and the ecological benefit has not mature quantification index to evaluate. For this purpose, and the ecological benefits related to the " ecological footprint " and other indicators have become many scholars and business research.
        Inner Mongolia Wing Yip Company in the long-term development in practice, take the lead in exploring the ecological benefit evaluation of agriculture-related enterprises, carry out project " ecological footprint " system research. "Ecological footprint " the combination of theory and practice, from production, technology research and development, product promotion, through the actual production and research project, the " ecological footprint " evaluation index into the enterprise development each link, exploration realizes the enterprise economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit of combining mode of sustainable development.
        The "ecological footprint " ( EcologicalFootprint, EF ) also known as the " ecological footprint ", by Canadian ecological economist Rees put forward in 1992. It is a measure of the sustainable development of human society is a kind of important method, is the human society to reflect its growth of pure pursuit economy problems of resources and environment, the formation of a measure of human level of natural resources utilization and the nature as the mankind can provide the service method.
        The "ecological footprint " research, through enterprise investigation, product testing, biological production, biological production process simulation, comprehensive analysis of the impact of agricultural ecological footprint, ecological carrying capacity, the biological productivity and ecological benefit of various dynamic factors and key factors as well as the objective function or factors interaction between, for enterprises to provide technical support for ecological footprint.

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